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Off Grid Partners LLC

A venture studio that works hand-in-hand with early stage founders and entrepreneurs in the sustainable energy space to build successful business models to bring innovative ideas to life by providing them with the necessary capital and expertise.


Off Grid Partners, led by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and business experts, originates and refines startup ideas based on market gaps or innovative concepts.

Partners and Network

Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of startups and innovative solutions in the energy space, each contributing towards a greener, more sustainable future.

By partnering with Off Grid Partners LLC, entrepreneurs gain access to a network of experienced professionals, a wealth of financial resources, and a shared vision for success. Together, we are pioneering a new era of entrepreneurship, where collaboration and growth go hand in hand.


At Off Grid Partners, every collaboration is a step towards a cleaner, brighter, and more sustainable future.

Our Team

Marc Friedman

CEO, Managing Member

Stan Fisher

Chief Strategy Officer, Managing Member

Jennifer Barenholtz

Business Development Strategist, Consultant

Chrissy Eynon

Chief Administrative Officer, Managing Member